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Reputed and Selected clients

Sirius Solar

Seemac Solar
Sunfuel Technologies

Ritika Systems
Australian Premium Solar

Rhine Solar
Andromeda Solar

Akshaya Solar
Solar Maxx Solar

Sonali Solar
Aditya Kiran Solar

Goldi Green Technologies
Udhaya PhotoVoltaic Solar

Enkay Solar Power
RaajRatna Ventures

Junna Solar
Spark Solar

Radical Solar
HVR Solar

Himalyan Solar
ADM Solar

Senza Solar

Product Feedback

Gel Content (%)


% Gel content that is achieved by most module manufacturers while laminating with Brij Encapsulants.

Adhesion Strength (N)


“Newtons of adhesion strength that is achieved by most manufacturers when laminating with Brij Encapsulants”

“Brij Encapsulants perform better in Indian hot and humid conditions in terms of reliability and generation.”

“Module encapsulated with Brij Encapsulants undergo lower degradation during their lifetime”

Brij Encapsulants delivery better adhesion and cross linking ratio compared to most other encapsulant manufacturers.


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